Photography break


It’s been awhile! I’ve been on a photography break while I get to know my new little one. I’m still sorting out how photography for me will look moving forward. Once I know, I’ll update here. Until then, I’ll be hanging with this cute guy! Thanks for the understanding!

Ramos Family

What an incredibly sweet and kind family! I loved meeting the Ramos family and seeing their cute kids’ personalities come through all of the photos. Also it was fun to sneak in a few individual shots of mom & dad too. Awesome day!



Wilson Family

Youngstrand Family

My sweet friends are moving….to Colorado! Cue the tears! I’m so happy for this amazing family to start the next chapter of their life, but I am going to miss them. Lisa and Matt have been my friends, photography mentors, and role models for years. This final shoot before they moved was a little tribute to the city they have called home!


Guanzini Family

Families of 2016

I feel so grateful to all of the incredible families that asked me to do their photos in 2016! Here are some of my favorite images. families2016-2 families2016-3 families2016-4 families2016-5 families2016-6 families2016-7 families2016-8 families2016-10 families2016-11 families2016-12 families2016-13 families2016-14 families2016-15 families2016-16 families2016-17 families2016-18 families2016-19 families2016-20 families2016-21 families2016-22 families2016-23 families2016-24 families2016-25 families2016-26 families2016-27 families2016-28 families2016-29 families2016-30 families2016-31 families2016-32 families2016-33 families2016-34 families2016-35 families2016-36 families2016-38 families2016-39 families2016-40 families2016-41 families2016-42 families2016-44 families2016-45 families2016-46 families2016-47 families2016-49 families2016-50

Jenna & Daniel

jennadaniel2016-1jennadanielblog-2jennadanielblogjennadanielblog-3jennadanielblog-4jennadanielblog-5jennadanielblog-6jennadanielblog-7jennadanielblog-8jennadanielblog-9jennadanielblog-10jennadanielblog-11jennadanielblog-12jennadanielblog-13jennadanielblog-15jennadanielblog-14Heeeeeyy cute people! Seriously aren’t they adorable? These two were laughing at me during this shoot because practically every other photo I took I was commenting on how freaking CUTE these two are. But if you were seeing these photos show up on your camera, wouldn’t you be saying the same thing? So not to overdo the word, but they.are.CUTE. Cute cute cute.