Keeler Family

Man, I love the Keeler Family. Long time friends of both my husband and me, they have been such good friends to us. Their kids feel like our nephew and niece, and we just love them. It was so fun to see their son light up when a train passed by us during our photo shoot, and then later we found a parked train car and his excitement was out-of-this-world. Their cute daughter toddling around in her cute fashionista boots, shes just adorable. Its been so fun to capture pictures of this wonderful family through the years. See other shoots of the Keeler family here or here.

Matt & Danielle

I felt like I was on the set of the filming of the cutest rom-com you can imagine while taking these photos. These two are just so adorable and so in love. Such a sweet and genuine couple! It was such an honor to do their engagement pictures and I am so excited for them to get married!

Kieger Family

The Kiegers represent everything that I love about family shoots. Energy. Joy. Giggles. Sweet parent-kid moments. Sibling interactions. Laughter. More laughter. This family is not only adorable but their family personality is so fun and kind. I mean, can you feel the love tonight? Seriously-what a great family! Bonus: we had a beautiful summer day at Como Park to get these pictures, and I think we all had a great time (but definitely me). Win-win-win.

Morgan Senior Pictures

Senior pictures!!! Morgan did amazing! Its not easy having someone take a picture of JUST YOU while in the back of your mind knowing these pictures will be in your yearbook or family albums for a long, long time! Pretty much forever! But Morgan did such a great job and it was so much fun meeting her and doing these photos all over Lebanon Hills Park. Seniors are so fun to work with because they are at such an exciting time in their life, with so many possibilities ahead of them. Plus, I love how these turned out.


This little guy turned one and his cute little face was just needing to be photographed! He is so full of personality, with those curious eyebrows, and those tiny little feet always on the move. He was sweet, and shy and hilarious throughout the entire shoot. What a fun day!


This was such a fun and sweet little newborn shoot to do. DeLaney was only a few days old, and she is the most perfect little baby. She is so loved by her mom, dad and her older sister! She gave us lots of sweet looks with those cute blue eyes of hers. And don’t even get me started on those little baby cheeks! Swoon.

JB & Whitney

Okay, friends, this wedding was SO.FUN. First of all, JB and Whitney could not have been a more kind, caring couple. Their joy in marrying each other was so clear throughout their day and just added to the bubbling energy of their wedding. There were so many laughs, hugs shared, stories told, happy tears shed and a resounding sense of love and support throughout the room. One of my favorite moments during the day was when I said to Whitney, “This is so cliche to say but you are so happy you are glowing.” And her response was the most sincere and serious  “Jess, I am SO, SO happy”. Its moments like these that you feel completely honored to be a part of such a historic day in someone’s life.

Cheers to a beautiful couple and a beautiful future!