Casey Family

I’m finally getting caught up on sharing some of the work I did over the winter! This family was fun and filled with energy! It was one of those strange, warm, winter-y, foggy Minnesota days when we did these and I love how they turned out. The Casey Family graciously bid on my photography session as part of a fundraiser for Ace in the City, an awesome non-profit organization in our community. It was an honor to be a part of this event and also to meet this kind-hearted family.


I’d like to introduce you to Beckett, 7 pounds of adorability and sweetfulness. Yes I did just make up those words to describe this little one :). I feel so fortunate to have been able to collaborate on this shoot with Lisa Youngstrand of Matt Youngstrand Photography. Also, it made it extra fun that this little guy is my nephew. This is just the beginning of many Beckett pictures to come. Stay tuned!

Inga & Darren

Take a peak inside Darren & Inga’s intimate, personal and charming wedding day. The guest list was limited to the closest and dearest. The wedding took place on Valentine’s day, so there was already a sweet sense of lovey-dovey in the air. I think what I enjoyed most about this wedding – other than the bride and groom’s laid-back nature and sense of humor- was the personal feel. The care in the room was so obvious. The ceremony was so personal. At one point the pastor (who also happened to be Inga’s dad- so sweet!) opened up for anyone to pray for this couple. It was so sweet to hear everyone’s heartfelt prayers and hopes for this couple and their family. It was such an honor to be a part of this couple’s day!

Erik & Marlley

Cute, cute, so stinkin cute. I am good friends with Erik’s brother & sister-in-law, which is how I had the absolute privilege of taking engagement photos for Erik & Marlley! This couple was full of ideas and up for anything. It was a little chilly out but they were up for embracing the winter feel and also up for trying out different settings. Marlley is a genius for picking this fun location, and I can tell she has an incredible artistic eye. Lets not forget about Erik though, who was 100% on board and offering up ideas and suggestions throughout our entire time together! This was such a fun day!

Dan & Anna

Oh, these lovely people were so fun to photograph! Dan & Anna are good friends of mine. Anna is wise, trustworthy, and always is willing to chat and listen over a cup of tea. Dan is kind, thoughtful, honest and always willing to cook you something delicious. Their kindness and friendship has been a valuable gift to me, and it has been so clear to me what a wonderfully matched couple they are for each other. These photos were so fun – because they were so adorable to photograph – but also because I got to spend some time with some great friends.

Flermoen Family

Flermoens-6 Flermoens-5Flermoens-11Flermoens-14Flermoens-15Flermoens-3Flermoens-12


Keeler Family

Its crazy how fast one year can go by. I feel like we were just meeting little Lu as a newborn, and now she is already one! The Keelers are as adorable as ever. Check out the Keelers one year ago here.