Eden – 3 Months

This little cutie is just 3 months in these pictures. She was such a little squirt back then! I cant get enough of that precious little face! Stay tuned to see more pictures of Eden as she grows up, I am hopeful I will get to take some more pictures of her and her loving family throughout this year!

Larson Family

I love doing family photo shoots like this one. It was so easy and natural and fun to take pictures of the Larsons. Elise and Jeremy are such awesome parents and their joy in these pictures is so real. I love seeing how much they love their little guy and how clearly they love being parents.

Keeler Family


The Keeler Family became a sweet family of four when their little girl was born last summer. This little girl is amazing. She also happens to be my goddaughter, so I am one of her biggest fans.  It was fun to get to capture these photos when their family was just beginning to adjust to life as a family of four. It’s so sweet to think back on these early days of a new chapter of life for them, and I am so glad I got to take part by taking these pictures!