Its an honor to introduce you to sweet Emelia. Isn’t she beautiful and precious and edible? And don’t you get this feeling that she is already a brave and wonderful addition to our world? She comes from an incredible family too, lucky girl. Her mom = supermom. Her dad= rad dad. Her older brother = curious, energetic, and hilarious. Welcome sweetest girl with the…


This was such a fun and sweet little newborn shoot to do. DeLaney was only a few days old, and she is the most perfect little baby. She is so loved by her mom, dad and her older sister! She gave us lots of sweet looks with those cute blue eyes of hers. And don’t even get me started on those little baby cheeks!…


I’d like to introduce you to Beckett, 7 pounds of adorability and sweetfulness. Yes I did just make up those words to describe this little one :). I feel so fortunate to have been able to collaborate on this shoot with Lisa Youngstrand of Matt Youngstrand Photography. Also, it made it extra fun that this little guy is my nephew. This is just the…

Eden – 3 Months

This little cutie is just 3 months in these pictures. She was such a little squirt back then! I cant get enough of that precious little face! Stay tuned to see more pictures of Eden as she grows up, I am hopeful I will get to take some more pictures of her and her loving family throughout this year!